Sep 24, 2009

Can fear ever be positive?

Article by Veronica de Andres

Sometimes the voice of fear can be good, when it is telling us "Get Ready. Do want to start a new project, have a new dream? Then, get ready, be prepared, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically".
As I lived so many years in fear...I have developed a three step formula to overcome fear-

Step number one: SCARE (Write down the word scare). OK. I'm scared, let's face it, it's real. I don't know what is going to I am scared. During this stage, feel the fear, accept it, and perhaps even more: welcome an indication of the new and the good that you will learn or develop.

Step number two:
look at the word scare, and here drop the "S"...what do you get?? CARE! I care about the myself, I care about the people that will help me, I care about the details...and when I care it´s inevitable to reach the third step.

Step number three
: change the C into a D...What do you get now? DARE. Yes! Now I am confident enough to commit myself, and when I do so, it is incredible to see what happens...when we commit ourselves, as Goethe says, it seems like the whole universe is with us, assiting us to make our dream come true. Help many times will come from the unexpected...but if you are on the outlook it comes! While there is doubt, the good cannot come. Where there is faith and commitment, help comes, because it means we are ready to accept it and use it.

With Love and Confidence

Till next time,
© 2009 Veronica de Andres

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