Apr 16, 2009

Global scale launching of the film!

Today, after two years of production, Confidence Time Productions has finally released the movie that addresses the biggest obstacle that people have to develop their full potential and reach their dreams: fear. The great news is that it is now available on DVD with subtitles in English, Spanish and Portuguese!

Full Confidence features Verónica de Andrés, an educator, author and motivational coach who has worked on five continents inspiring people to build their self-esteem, use their emotional intelligence, become effective learners and achieve their dreams.

The film, endorsed by Jack Canfield, reveals that there is a power within ourselves, much stronger than fear: the power of love. Full Confidence delivers a highly inspirational message combined with principles and resources that aim at strengthening the viewers confidence.

FULL CONFIDENCE is an independent film, focused on human development. It combines aspects of both documentary films and video seminar and simultaneously provides entertainment for the viewer. The film explores several paths to learn how to expand the internal resources that we all have, but seldom use to their fullest extent.

It has certain features of a documentary because it presents the inspiring success stories of people from different countries, contexts and backgrounds, which reflect the validity of the message.

It has elements of video seminar since the concepts presented are the result of Veronica´s finest classes and presentations delivered in universities and organizations throughout the world.

The film is non-fiction, since all the stories are real.It has also been created to inspire and to entertain: a careful selection of the exhilarating music by Jon Schmidt (www.jonschmidt.com) has been used.

FULL CONFIDENCE has inspiring video clips with images filmed in PATAGONIA. The production team shot images as they travelled down the "Camino de los Siete Lagos" (Seven lake Way) for ten days.

FULL CONFIDENCE offers many suggestions for self-guided improvement. It combines ingredients of motivation, self-esteem,effective education, coaching, emotional intelligence and management.

FULL CONFIDENCE is a film featuring Verónica de Andrés. Verónica is an Argentine educator, coach, keynote speaker and author specialized in human development. She holds a Master of Arts in Education with Distinction from Oxford Brookes University, England. She is also an executive member of the International Council for Self-Esteem. Verónica has worked in five continents and has found that love is the universal answer to overcoming fear and developing full confidence. In 2006, she was dubbed as Dame of Grace of the Order of St.John of Malta, on the merits of her "outstanding work in awareness education on a global scale¨.

The great news is that the film is now available through CreateSpace, Amazon! Also, now it has subtitles in English, Spanish and Portuguese. If you wish to order a copy, please visit our website www.confidence-time.com or follow this direct link to the e-store We hope you enjoy it and share it with others.


Marcela said...

It is a wonderful idea to have created the blog!! And the BEAUTIFUUUL music!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vero, Flor y Lucas: los felicito!!

Mil abrazos,

Tiburon said...

Las propuestas, el trailer, la musica, el blog todo... está buenisimo!!! Espero ver pronto la pelicula completa y luego comentarla...